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LCD Soundsystem is Coming to Guadalajara!

Updated: Apr 3

If you’re a fan of LCD Soundsystem’s artsy, super-danceable, punk/disco music with occasionally hilarious lyrics... you do not want to miss the kickoff to their 2024 tour happening — unbelievably— in our fair city of Guadalajara in late March.

I feel positively giddy that the band chose Guadalajara as one of only seven stops they will make on their limited, so-called “Kinda Tour."

LCD Soundsystem is coming to Guadalajara
Source: LCD Soundsystem

The Grammy-nominated band from Brooklyn, NY will play at Guanamor Studio Theater in Zapopan on March 21 and 22 before heading to Mexico City for a performance at the Festival Ceremonia in Parque Bicentenario on March 24. 

Their tour resumes back in the States in early May hitting just five more cities, including two brief residencies in Seattle and Chicago.

Tickets for the Guadalajara shows go on sale this Friday, February 2 on the occasionally hellish Ticketmaster Mexico platform.  

LCD Soundsystem is coming to Guadalajara

If you’re new to LCD’s music and want to see what all the fuss is about, you could start by hitting Spotify and streaming a few classics such as Daft Punk is Playing at My House (their breakout hit that went to #1 on the UK’s dance chart in 2005) or the hilarious lament of an aging Gen X’er in I’m Losing My Edge (to the kids coming up from behind).

For those too lazy to listen to the full catalog, head straight to the pinnacle of their oeuvre with 2010’s Dance Yrself Clean and enjoy one of the best dance tracks ever written.

There’s even a Reddit group devoted to the band that debates their cultural significance in the indie music world, best songs, recent shows, etc. if you'd like to go deeper.

David Bowie – who was equal parts music connoisseur and artist—was reportedly such a fan of LCD Soundsystem that he urged the band’s leader and creative force James Murphy to un-retire the band and make more music shortly before he died in 2016.

Thankfully they listened to him.

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I have to put in a shameless plug for “Home” too!!! Some great off-beat percussion and analog synthesizer work on that one!!!!

The video is pretty great too!

“Just do it right, Make it perfect and real!!!”


“Someone Great” is the song I always go to when I lose a connection to an important person in my life…

“there’s songs to be finished…. And it keeps coming till the day stops!”

“I wish that we could talk about it…. but there that’s the problem!”

“when someone great is gone!!!!”

See you soon James, Nancy, Pat & the whole LCD family! DFA Records -> ROCKS!!!!

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